What is a demi bra?
A demi bra refers to a bra that features a smaller or more narrow bra cup shape. The smaller bra cup is designed to act as a minimal coverage bra that enhances your cleavage and makes your breasts look more beautiful. Among the different types of bra cups, demi bra cups range among the smallest. The narrow bra cups reveal more of your breasts and offer a light push-up effect, making the bra style a great option for those looking for a light everyday breast enhancement.

Demi Bra Features & Characteristics
1) More narrow bra cup shape.
2) Enhances cleavage for more beautiful breasts.
3) Reveals more of your breasts for a more sexy look when used appropriately.
4) A demi bra is a great way for women to achieve a light push-up look with minimal or moderate breast coverage.
5) Demi bras come in many different bra styles including lace demi bras (perhaps the prettiest of demi bra styles), balconette demi bras, push-up demi bras, plunge demi bras, strapless or convertible demi bras, and racerback demi bras. 

Is a Demi Bra Right for Me?
If you have smaller breasts and generally avoid wearing a traditional bra because the bra cups always seem too big or bulky, then you should definitely try a demi bra for nicer occasions or even everyday wear. You’ll love the smaller bra cups and the beautiful shape that they create for your breasts.

When to Wear a Demi Bra
Demi bras can really shine on women with larger breasts making their breasts look amazing, beautiful, and simply stunning. While demi bras also work great on women with smaller breasts, the truth is that demi bras can help you create a flirty and sexy look when you’re ready to go for a half bra cup, regardless of your breast size.

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